AC Rental and Maintenance Services in Duri


PT. Wahanakarsa Swandiri shall perform rentaland maintenance services of air conditioning (hereinafter called AC), wall mounted type including AC spare unit for housings, offices, shops and other Chevron buildings in Sumatera Operation Duri base.

Preventive and Minor Repair of Housing Offices, Public and Rereation Building Including Infrastructure at Duri East and Libo Area


Scope of work PT. Wahanakarsa Swandiri shall perform services as stated in maintenance and repair services for building and house including structure in Duri and Libo area.

Heavy Equipment with Operator Services for Supporting Activities at EFO-EFPM Team in Sumatra


PT. Wahanakarsa Swandiri shall provide service for Heavy equipment not limited to tractor, excavator, motor grader,

Electrical Power Pole Integrity Repair and Reinforcement (Pole Sleeve) Services


Preventive and corrective maintenances on transmission and distribution lines, and housekeeping services at CPI area.

Duri Centralized Cleaning Facility (DCCF)


DCCF project is intended to build centralized cleaning facility of tailgate truck, square tank, drilling and well service rig (WDR).

Construction Service Work Unit Rate (WUR) Well Program Surface Facilities Package B


The scope of work to include Multi Discipline (mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, and civil).

KO Drum Replacement at Minas and Kotabatak Gathering Station


EPC project to replace KO Drum and Pump. This project also execute civil work for foundation and pipe support, Piping from KO Drum to tie in point and Electrical Instrumentation.

Construction Services Resources Unit Rate B


Provide Skilled Man Power to execute maintenance and emergency task for Multidiscipline Work : Civil, Earthwork, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping and Survey. This Project Covers all CPI-Area :SLS.

Oil Wharf#1 Damage Repair Dumai


EPC project to fender at Oil wharf 1# Dumai. This work executing Piling , demolition existing structure and installation new structure of fender including coating and cathodic protection.

SLO Tank Repair Project


Repair production tank for 2 years durationg, to repair small, medium and Large Repair, including demolition some tank to be replaced with new Tank.